Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting emissions equal to replacing a traditional car with an electric car.


Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting emissions equal to taking two cars off the road altogether.


Reduce emissions equal to an individual’s entire carbon footprint from energy, food, goods, and more.

All plans include additional tree planting above and beyond carbon reduction projects.

Choose a plan that suits you best to fight climate change, help people in need, and restore degraded lands.

How Untonne Works
Stoves Lower Emissions

Across the globe, 2.6 billion people use an inefficient and unventilated wood or charcoal stove for cooking, which is bad for health and a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

By signing up for an Untonne plan, we help fund improved cookstoves for families that not only cut emissions, but also remove one of the leading causes of premature death in developing countries: poor air quality from home cooking.

Tree Planting Draws Down Emissions

In order to succeed in our climate journey, not only do we need to prevent emissions from being released - we also need to draw down emissions that are already there.

That’s why every Untonne membership comes with both verified emissions reductions and also supports tree planting to help draw down emissions over time as they grow and mature.

Why Partner Up with Untonne

At Untonne, we want to not only solve climate change for the next generation, but do it in a way that creates solutions for people with the least resources to adapt to climate change.

We select high-quality carbon reduction projects that have co-benefits in developing nations, like reducing women and children’s exposure to toxic air quality right in their own home.

We seek to restore ecosystems and create wildlife habitat with reforestation projects that draw down emissions we’ve already released.


As someone who has lived in Uganda, I have seen firsthand how much smoke can occupy homes from cooking with an open fire several times a day. I care deeply about taking action to help those less fortunate than me, and feel good that my Untonne plan will contribute to helping the larger climate change movement and the individual lives of the world's poorest people at the same time.

Brad Hoffa
Entrepreneur and Business Analyst


I do what I can to address my carbon footprint on an individual level, but I also know that there are emissions I’m responsible for that I can’t easily stop. And while I sometimes lose hope about solving climate change in its entirety, I feel better knowing that I’m living out my values by doing what I can, including participating in solutions like Untonne.

Stuart Watson
Family and Divorce Mediator


Ever since Untonne’s founder Geoff Bastian and I volunteered to teach environmental education over 25 years ago, I have known Geoff to be an informed, passionate advocate for the environment and addressing climate change. I am proud to support Untonne, the planet, and my children’s future as well.

Mike Chung

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