One Justa Stove Will Prevent 20 Trees From Being Harvested

In Honduras, about 55% of Honduran families rely on wood or other biomass for cooking, and only about 30% of them have an improved cookstove. As a result, nearly 3.3 million people are at risk of smoke-related disease, illness, and a resulting lower life expectancy.

Solving this problem would require the production, sale, and installation of roughly 750,000 improved cookstoves. But only 10% of the people who need one are also able to afford one!
That’s why Untonne is excited to work with Trees, Water, and People (TWP). TWP has been in operation for 25 years, and has helped install over 100,000 stoves in Central America during that time.

TWP wants to expand to help even more people, but to do so, needs additional funding to subsidize the installation of stoves. And by partnering with Untonne, TWP can extend its reach to help more Honduran families get a new cookstove and all the health, safety, and time saving benefits that come with it.

Measuring Climate Impact

When you fund Justa stoves through your Untonne plan, you fund measurable benefits for people and the planet too. We work hard to measure the emissions reductions of stoves through lab tests, adoption rates, firewood savings in the field, and long term stove maintenance. The result is a strong track record of stoves that deliver on their promised fuel savings and emissions reductions year over year.

Humanitarian Benefits

Clean cookstoves are good for people too. They create jobs for people building stoves from locally sourced materials, boosting the local economy. These stoves also make homes safer by reducing harmful household emissions, which is especially important for women and children who spend a lot of time cooking. Plus, families save time that used to go into gathering firewood, which they can now use for education and other valuable activities.