We reduce emissions equal to what the average person creates with a monthly plan, making it easy to eliminate your carbon footprint. We do that by supporting the installation of clean cooking projects that produce benefits for people and the planet. These stove investments will lower emissions over the next five years in an amount equal to your subscription amount.



Get started by cutting emissions equal to taking a car off the road

$9.50 /mo
  • *Contribute to clean cooking projects
  • 3 tons emissions reductions
  • 15% of average individual footprint
  • Equal to 7,447 miles not driven /yr


Cut emissions equal to 50% of the average U.S. citizen

$19.50 /mo
  • *Funds 1 stove /yr
  • 10 tons emissions reductions /yr
  • 50% of individual footprint
  • Equal to 24,822 miles not driven /yr


Cut emissions equal to 100% of the average U.S. citizen

$29.50 /mo
  • *Funds 2 stoves /yr
  • 20 tons emissions reductions /yr
  • 100% of individual footprint
  • Equal to 49,644 miles not driven /yr

*Stated benefits assume 1 year of participation in the plan selected.

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