There is a lot to celebrate in 2022 as far as forward momentum on climate progress goes. In this post, we include both a summary of the major headlines as well as some fun facts and inspiring stories about the path to addressing climate change.

  • The US passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which sets the stage for a massive clean energy boom in the US over the coming decade, helping with large scale clean energy, EV, and building retrofits. This calculator will show how much money is available for you for home solar, efficiency upgrades, converting to electric appliances, and buying an EV.
  • Equitable clean building codes are gaining traction across the U.S. as cities are requiring new buildings to be clean and old buildings to reduce emissions associated with their operation. This article from the NRDC does a great job recapping 2022.
  • Rainforests are seeing increased protections, including from Brazil’s presidential election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva who has vowed to protect the Amazon from development.
  • New energy sources, like fusion, have made breakthroughs which offer promise for future clean energy.
  • Five states banned new gas- and diesel-engine cars, light trucks, and SUVs by 2035 including Oregon, California, Washington, New York, and Massachusetts. Meanwhile, even without these rules EV sales were up 62% in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2021.

In addition to the major headlines, here are some things you might now have heard.

  • What if we could get geothermal energy, anywhere? This ex-oil drilling technician from MIT thinks it is possible, and is working on a test site in Newberry, Oregon to drill a hole 10,000 feet deep. If successful, this would unlock a clean source of renewable energy that would work around the clock, whether or not the sun is shining or wind is blowing. Check out this interview on “How I Built this” to learn more.
  • Can your packages be delivered from overseas by sailboat? Well, not exactly, but the first hybrid wind ship is ready to sail using wind power and a giant sail to dramatically cut fuel consumption as it crosses the ocean.
  • Want an induction stove, but don’t have a 240v outlet? There is now an induction stove with an integrated battery that charges when you aren’t cooking and provides an extra jolt of power when you need your stove to go all out.
  • Can we use outer space to cool our buildings? SkyCool systems has a technology that uses the cool “air” in outer space to cool buildings here on earth, even when the sun is shining. Check out this 2018 TED talk that unveils the technology.
  • Verra certified its billionth carbon offset. That’s 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide emission reductions. It’s amazing to think about how many people and projects and sponsors go into making something like that happen. Thanks for being a part of that and making the world a greener place, and read more here.

We're looking forward to more good news in 2023 from across the globe!